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Fishing UI

This guide is intended to be an overview of the mechanics of fishing as well as basic advice on how to progress. A brief summary is included at the bottom of the page for those who don't want to read through all the mechanics involved.

Any questions, feedback, or parts that are not clear? Feel free to /whisper TJ_ in game and I'll try to answer and update the guide.

A brief overview of fishing

Fishing is the most complex of the three gathering skills in the game; it was the first to receive the node system that has been adapted for mining and foraging and has five substats that influence the skill compared to mining and foraging which only account for skill level. On top of this, fishing is the only gathering skill in which you can fail to gather anything after completing an action, resulting in 0 XP gained.

While mining and foraging are pretty easy to level up and gather resources without using any gear, fishing is the one gathering skill where aiming for gear and buffs has the largest impact in the early game. 

But why fish? Apart from just wanting to max out all your skills, fishing provides:

  • Fish - (obviously) for use in cooking
  • Fibers - The raw materials used in cloth weaving for crafting and augmenting magic armor.
  • Driftwood and Aquamarines - Components used in crafting and augmenting magic weapons.
  • Fish Oil - Provided you have the oil spill enchantment that allows this, fishing actions can also give you Fish Oil which is used for crafting Pyre Logs for a lot of heat. Preparing caught fish will also give you Fish Oil.

What makes fishing different? In short, the node system and substats. In long:

The node system

The node system has been confusing for players ever since it was released. An easy way to think of it is that when you start fishing, your player gets on a boat and sails for a certain amount of time to find a school of fish (a node) and then takes a different amount of time to catch one of those fish (a resource). After your player has caught everything in the area, they have to sail onward to find another school of fish to catch (another node).

The node system consists of two components: searching for a node and fishing for that node. The icons at the bottom of each fishing location on the fishing screen will tell you the following information from left to right:

Level Required:

The fishing level required to unlock the fishing location. This does not include effective levels given to the player by fishing gear.

Searching Time and Gathering Time:

Searching time is how long it takes your player to find a fishing node.

Gathering time is the time it takes for your player to gather one resource from that node.

Base Find Chance and Base Gather Chance:

Base Find Chance is your chance to find a fishing node after completing a search.

Base Gather Chance is your chance to fish up a resource from a node.

Experience per action:

This is the amount of fishing experience you receive per catch.

As you level up your fishing and fishing stats, search and gather times will decrease and search and gather chances will increase, making it easier and faster to gather fishing resources. Because of this, a lot of early game fishing time is actually wasted failing to find nodes and failing to harvest them. Getting the fishing enchantment on a pair of gloves or boots is a top priority for those who want to level up quickly. Luckily, later in the skill, your stats will improve to the point where this isn't necessary. For players that want to spend money to speed things up further, there are also buffs you can acquire to help with this; more on that later.

Bait Power

Bait power is used to calculate the time it takes you to find nodes as well as the chance of succeeding in doing so. Bait power can be acquired in tiny amounts by leveling fishing. The main way to gain bait power is through fishing equipment and bait. This can also be supplemented with buffs and enchantments. As finding a node happens less often than gathering from a node, bait power can be considered the least important stat in fishing and will passively increase alongside your level and gear, but don't neglect it entirely.

Reel Power

Reel power is used to calculate the time it takes you to gather one item from a node as well as the chance of succeeding in doing so. Reel power can also be acquired in tiny amounts by leveling fishing. Again, the main way to gain reel power is through fishing equipment and bait. This can also be supplemented with buffs and enchantments. Reel power comes into play multiple times per node, as you have to gather everything before moving on. Having high reel power means gathering fish faster.

Bonus Rarity

Bonus rarity affects the quality of the nodes you find while fishing. This can lead to you finding rarer fish and other resources, as well as larger nodes to gather from in general. If you are aiming for specific drops from fishing, try to increase your rarity as much as possible, as meeting the minimum requirement for a node doesn't make it a common find. You should aim for around 50 rarity over the unlock minimum if possible to gather these drops in any meaningful amounts. Just like for bait and reel power, rarity can also be acquired in tiny amounts by leveling fishing, mostly from fishing equipment and bait, and can also be supplemented with buffs and enchantments.

The UI

Opening the fishing tab will show you three key sections:

An info panel on the left:

This shows you all of your current fishing related stats, such as your:

Effective fishing level:

This is what the game treats as your fishing level. Tackleboxes and fishing gear can increase this slightly, reducing the time needed to search and gather and increasing the success chance.

Bait Preservation Chance:

The chance that bait will not be removed from your tacklebox on a gathering action

Bait Power:

The strength of your bait, used to calculate the speed of searching for a fishing node. 

Reel Power:

Your fishing strength, the time taken to pull a resource out of the water.

Bonus rarity:

This is used to calculate your chance of finding rarer fishing nodes.

A tacklebox section in the top middle:

This is where you store your bait for use in fishing, You should always be using bait to fish, as it's the main way to boost all fishing stats before you unlock fishing gear.

Fishing locations:

This is where you can select a zone to fish in. Clicking the i icons in the top right will show what you can receive from nodes and what rarities they unlock at. Again, this is the minimum rarity, and you should aim for at least 50 rarity over if you want to gather these in any meaningful amounts.


You will always want to use bait while fishing. This is because bait is relatively cheap to acquire and gives a significant stat bump to fishing, especially in the early game. Use bait by clicking on it in your inventory and selecting the box that says "move to tacklebox".

The "best bait" to use is a hard question to answer, as it will depend on what you are aiming for. As a rough guide, if you are struggling to find nodes, go for bait power. If you want to get XP and fish faster, go for reel. If you want to try and get rarer drops from a zone, go for bonus rarity.

Nightcrawler, Glowbug, and Shrimp Tail are the early options. I think it's not worth spending the money on Earthworm. My recommendation would be glowbug due to the higher reel having the largest impact on fishing speed. And if you can afford it, Smelly Meat. Do not use Tentacle Bait until you are in late-game fishing, as before then the 1.3 multiplier does not outscale the -30 bait and reel.

There are 10 types of bait available for fishing, these are:

Bait Source Fishing Level Bait Power Reel Power Bonus Rarity
Earthworm Bait Earthworm Bait Game Shop N/A N/A 5 5
Fat Nightcrawler Bait Fat Nightcrawler Bait Mining 1 15 10 5
Glowbug Bait Glowbug Bait Foraging 1 10 15 5
Shrimp Tail Bait Shrimp Tail Bait Crafting (Raw Shrimp) 1 20 5 5
Fish Guts Bait Fish Guts Bait Crafting (Anchovy, Trout, or Salmon) 2 25 5 10
Smelly Meat Bait Smelly Meat Bait Combat 2 10 20 10
Hardened Hook Bait Hardened Hook Bait Crafting (Adamantite Bar) 3 N/A 35 20
Alluring Lure Bait Alluring Lure Bait Crafting (Adamantite, Gold Bar) 3 30 N/A 20
Writhing Tentacle Bait Writhing Tentacle Bait Crafting (Writhing Tentacle Bait) 5 (-30) * 1.3 (-30) * 1.3 (60) * 1.3
Mysterious Bait Mysterious Bait Bird's Nest, Mysterious Seed ? ? ? ?


Bonus Rarity must be above the minimum rarity shown on the fishing zones for rarer nodes to appear and a further 10~25 rarity for rare resources to drop. Personally I'd aim to try and get at least 50 rarity above if you are trying to farm a specific resource.

Nodes without a minimum rarity can appear at any rarity threshold.

It is possible to get both type of fishing chests Sunken Treasure Sunken TreasureAncient Treasure Ancient Treasure from all zones.

Level Zone Exp Recommended Gear Min. Rarity Node Possible Loot
1 Shallow Pond 20 Novice Tacklebox N/A Drifting Around Raw AnchovySeaweedRotten Driftwood
Oop, All Shrimp! Raw Shrimp
Small Schools of Fish Raw AnchovyRaw Magnetic MinnowSeaweedRotten Driftwood
The Shallow Pond Raw ShrimpRaw AnchovyRaw Magnetic MinnowSeaweedRotten Driftwood
20 Lazy River 30 Basic Tacklebox 25 ANGY Bois Raw TroutRaw SalmonRaw TigerfishSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarine
N/A Migrating Schools Raw TroutRaw SalmonRaw TigerfishSeaweedRaw Magnetic MinnowRotten DriftwoodSturdy Driftwood
The Lazy River Raw TroutRaw SalmonRaw TigerfishSeaweedRaw Magnetic MinnowRotten DriftwoodSturdy Driftwood
50 Still Lake 60 Advanced Tacklebox,
Fisherman's hat or smock or waders
30 Big Catch! Raw LobsterRaw Ancient LobsterRaw CrabRaw Slippery EelRaw TigerfishAquamarine
N/A Cage Match Raw LobsterRaw Ancient LobsterRaw Crab
The Still Lake Raw LobsterRaw CrabRaw Slippery EelRaw TigerfishRaw Magnetic MinnowSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy Driftwood
75 Yedyod’s Cave Raw Ancient LobsterRaw CrabRaw Slippery EelRaw TigerfishSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarine
65 Open Ocean 90 Pro Tacklebox/Supreme Tacklebox,
Fisherman's hat, smock and waders
50 Almost Jurassic Raw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw Huge TunaRaw MegalodonRaw Tentacle MeatAquamarine
N/A Carefree Day Raw TunaRaw Huge TunaSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarineMystical Driftwood
75 Ghost Ship Raw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw MegalodonSturdy DriftwoodAquamarineMystical Driftwood
100 Is that a tentacle? Raw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw MegalodonRaw Tentacle MeatAquamarineMystical Driftwood
50 Playtester’s Paradise Raw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw MegalodonAquamarineMystical Driftwood
N/A Sharks Ate All The Tuna Raw TunaRaw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw MegalodonSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy Driftwood
25 Shipwreck Bay Raw SharkSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarineMystical Driftwood
N/A The Open Ocean Raw TunaRaw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw Huge TunaRaw MegalodonSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarine
85 Stormy Seas 100 Supreme Tacklebox/Ocean's Embrace,
Fisherman's hat, smock and waders
75 Endless Vortex Raw MegalodonRaw Tentacle MeatAquamarineMystical Driftwood
N/A Eye of the Storm Raw TunaRaw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw Huge TunaRaw MegalodonSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarine
100 INFO’s Stand Raw Tentacle MeatAquamarineMystical Driftwood
N/A The Stormy Seas Raw TunaRaw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw Huge TunaRaw MegalodonSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarineMystical Driftwood
50 World’s End Raw TunaRaw SharkRaw Hammerhead SharkRaw Great White SharkRaw Huge TunaRaw MegalodonSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodAquamarineMystical Driftwood
Rare Encounter Ascended Ascended Shrimp Tail BaitFish Guts BaitSmelly Meat BaitMysterious SeedSunken TreasureAncient TreasureStormy Sea Scroll
Common Encounter Swordfish Swordfish Fish Guts BaitSmelly Meat BaitMysterious SeedRaw TigerfishSeaweedRotten DriftwoodSturdy DriftwoodMystical DriftwoodSatchelStormy Sea Scroll

The Stormy Seas is a dangerous location. While fishing there, a fight with a Swordfish or Ascended will occasionally be simulated and appear as a "Danger Simulation" node, this delays you by 15 seconds. This "fight" cannot be escaped from, and losing will lock the player out of the location for 15 minutes. The Camo Cloak can be used to reduce this delay by 20% and the chance of one occurring by 50%.


While fishing there is a low chance for one of two treasure's to be gathered at the same time as any item. These are the sunken treasure and ancient treasure. By wearing gear with the naturalist enchant you can increase the rate in which you get these slightly. While there is a chance at gems I don't find opening the sunken treasure to be worthwhile. However, the ancient treasure is an always open to me. There is a 3% chance for each legendary tool piece to drop, if you are lucky and get one you have saved yourself around 75 hours of fishing due to the base cost of these being 900 fishing shards.


This doesn't change the core skill loop at all but does change the output of what you receive by fishing.

Fish: The default option, focusing on enchants that only buff stats to increase your speed while fishing results in the same drop distribution as normal.

Oil: Equipping Oil Spill enchant gives a 8% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size. On an Ocean's Embrace this equals a 60% chance. This chance is not guaranteed and is less likely the smaller the fish is. More information can be found on the Oil Spill page.

Fiber: Equipping Fiber Finder enchant increases chance to find fibers by 25% per level, On an Ocean's Embrace this equals an increased 200% chance. Doing this does not replace all fish.

XP: Starting after level 99 you can equip jewelry with a scholar enchantment, this gives +20% XP per level at the cost of the gathered item being destroyed. The only items received from fishing when using scholar are chests and mob drops in stormy seas.

Fishing Gear

There are two types of fishing gear. The Fisherman's skilling set and Tackleboxes.

Fisherman's set

The Fisherman's Set recipe is locked behind the quest "Fishing Set Quest". You will need to be level 60 before you can unlock this quest and upon completion you will receive enough shards to craft 2/3 of the fishing set. By level 60 you should have plenty of shards to craft the 3rd piece. However, it is only the recipe that is level locked, if you have the cash, you can purchase a set from the market and wear it at level 1.

Fishing Gear Enchantment
Fisherman's Bucket Hat Fisherman's Bucket Hat Bait Preservation 3
Fisherman's Smock Fisherman's Smock Reinforced Line 3
Fisherman's Waders Fisherman's Waders Pungent Bait 3

The fisherman's set is a must have for fishing, the earlier you can get it, the faster you will be able to level fishing. The set bonus from wearing all 3 pieces increases all of your fishing stats (not including bait) by 15%, as well as reducing damage taken and increasing damage done in dangerous gathering locations (stormy seas) if you have that zone unlocked. There is a fourth piece to the Fisherman's Set. The legendary tacklebox Ocean's Embrace. We will cover this below in...


Tackleboxes are a skill specific tool for fishing. Like pickaxes and hatchets, tackleboxes can be equipped and will give the player stat boosts towards fishing. By doing the gathering tutorial quest, you can get the first tier of tacklebox for free. Due to how integral the substats of fishing are to the time taken and XP gained, you should be upgrading your tacklebox as soon as possible every time you reach the level requirements to equip the next tier. If you want to save money at the lower levels, you can avoid enchantments. However, they are powerful bonuses to have on a tacklebox. The first four tiers of tackleboxes are relatively cheap to craft.

The highest tier of tacklebox you can craft is the legendary Ocean's Embrace. This is locked behind the Master difficulty quest "Legendary Tacklebox" and requires you to clear the Abandoned Academy Base Dungeon as well as spending 9,000 Fishing Shards for your first one. Like all legendary tools, this is intended for end game skilling. As such, you will probably be close to, if not at, the maximum fishing level by the time you reach this. However, Ocean's Embrace gives the highest bump to base fishing stats as well as a stronger version of the Fisherman's Set bonus. Giving the player a 30% buff to all fishing stats (not including bait) and reducing damage taken and increasing damage done in stormy seas by 50%

Tacklebox Fishing Level Bait Power Reel Power Bonus Rarity
Novice Tacklebox Novice Tacklebox 3 15 5 N/A
Basic Tacklebox Basic Tacklebox 6 20 10 3
Advanced Tacklebox Advanced Tacklebox 9 25 15 6
Pro Tacklebox Pro Tacklebox 12 30 20 10
Supreme Tacklebox Supreme Tacklebox 15 35 25 15
Ocean's Embrace Ocean's Embrace 60 60 60 60

Other Gear

In addition to the above here are other pieces of gear that are useful when fishing:

  • Bag of Holding: depending on the level this gives up to a 100% chance to force the max quantity of a resource when gathering, resulting in more fish
  • Newbie / Dwarven Adventurer's Backpack: (for Adventurers boon) Extra shards are very useful, using this in place of the bag of holding will allows you to gain more shards for augmenting fishing gear for more stats or getting an Ocean's Embrace sooner for the improved set bonus
  • Cloak of Many Pockets / the Void: 1-2 extra levels of haste depending on the cloak. Faster fishing = faster XP, no downsides to using these if you can afford them.
  • Camo Cloak: Applicable to Stormy Seas, decreases the chance of a encounter by 50% and reduces delay by 20% works out as a better time save than haste plus the augs give you fishing stats.
  • Flamboyant Cape: The opposite of the Camo Cloak, increases encounter chance by 50% and reduces delay by 10%. Not recommended for fishing, will result in more bait from fights in stormy seas but not worth the time cost
  • Prismatic Ring: (offers +1 fishing level, bait, reel, and rarity per aug) This can have Haste or gathering (or even scholar past 99 If you want additional exp for gathered materials).


Listed below are all the relevant enchantments for fishing that can go on your fishing set, tacklebox, or jewelry. Enchants, of course, do not stack, but you can replace the default enchants on fishing gear with ones you deem more relevant. My recommendations are:

  • Ring / Necklace: Haste and Gathering.
  • Gloves / Boots: Fishing and Naturalist.
  • Tacklebox: XP and gather time - Reinforced Line. Fish Oil - Oil Spill. Fibers - Fiber Finder
  • Fishing Set: The default options are solid all rounders, if you choose to add one of the default enchantments to your tacklebox make sure to replace the fishing set piece equivalent with something relevant as enchants do not stack:
  • Non Fishing Tool: Putting Archaeology on any tool that isn't the tacklebox still gives access to the drop table, doing this for a skill you don't care about allows you to make some extra gold on the side whilst fishing.

List of useful Enchantments.

Scrollcrafting Scroll Slot Level Silver Amount Rune Amount Runes Effect per scroll
Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Scroll of the Soul Wisdom Ring, Necklace, Weapon, Shield, Helm, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Cape, Arrows, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Hoe, Tacklebox, Tongs, Tome, Ladle, Combat-Amulet, Chisel 48 600 60 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic ONLY APPLIES TO THE ITEM THIS ENCHANTMENT IS ON. Increases soulbound item XP gain by 6%.
Scroll of Naturalist Scroll of Naturalist Gloves, Boots 49 600 60 Air, Water, Nature, Cosmic Increase your chance to gain chests as well as convert standard chests to their greater variants while gathering by 20%.
Scroll of Fishing Scroll of Fishing Gloves, Boots 55 700 60 Earth, Water, Mind Increases fish catch chance by 2.5%.
Scroll of Prolonging Scroll of Prolonging Gloves, Boots 58 700 60 Nature, Mind Gain a 20% chance to not consume a buff stack (resulting in 25% more uses from a buff on average).
Scroll of Enlightenment Scroll of Enlightenment Gloves, Boots 73 900 70 Air, Water, Chaos, Mind Gain 1 more essence per action where essence is acquired.
Scroll of Gathering Scroll of Gathering Ring, Necklace 64 800 70 Earth, Fire, Water, Mind, Cosmic Gain a 10% chance to find an extra resource while gathering. There is a 15% chance that a nature rune is consumed when it procs. Attempts to pull the rune from your stockpile then ammo pouch if none found.
Scroll of Wealth Scroll of Wealth Ring, Necklace 37 500 50 Nature, Mind, Cosmic Automatically sells gathering and production items for 20% of their vendor price. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Scholar.
Scroll of the Scholar Scroll of the Scholar Ring, Necklace 88 1300 110 Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases experience gained from gathering and production by 20% but destroys the item in process. Does not affect Crafting or stack with Wealth. Only active for mastery experience, when a skill is at level 99.
Scroll of Haste Scroll of Haste Ring, Necklace 94 2000 200 Air, Chaos, Mind, Cosmic Increases non-combat action speed by 4%. Caps at halving action time. Stacks with Empowered Haste.
Scroll of Archaeology Scroll of Archaeology Tacklebox, Fishing Set, Pickaxe, Hatchet, Mining Set, Foraging Set 41 500 50 Earth, Water, Nature Gives access to a secondary drop table while gathering with rewards and chances heavily scaling on enchantment strength. The best finds are only found in the hardest to reach zones!
Scroll of Pungent Bait Scroll of Pungent Bait Tacklebox, Fishing Set 14 200 30 Water, Nature Increases bait power by 3.
Scroll of Reinforced Line Scroll of Reinforced Line Tacklebox, Fishing Set 23 300 40 Earth, Water Increases reel power by 3.
Scroll of Fishing Magnetism Scroll of Fishing Magnetism Tacklebox, Fishing Set 33 400 40 Earth, Water, Cosmic Increases bonus rarity by 2 and decreases both bait and reel power by the same amount. Increases chance to find known rare nodes.
Scroll of Bait Preservation Scroll of Bait Preservation Tacklebox, Fishing Set 47 600 60 Earth, Water, Chaos Increases chance to preserve bait by 4%.
Scroll of the Fiber Finder Scroll of the Fiber Finder Tacklebox, Fishing Set 50 600 60 Earth, Water, Mind Increases chance to find aquatic fibers by 25%.
Scroll of Oil Spill Scroll of Oil Spill Tacklebox, Fishing Set 69 800 70 Earth, Water, Death Gives a 8% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size. There is a chance that fish oil may not be created if the fish is too small.
Scroll of Deadliest Catch Scroll of Deadliest Catch Tacklebox, Fishing Set 71 900 70 Earth, Water, Blood Increases bonuses from using bait by 5% but decreases bait preservation chance by 5%. Increases chance to find known rare resources.


The following are buffs you can receive from food or potions. While not required to max fishing they will speed up the process, especially in the early game where stats are at their weakest. Recommended buffs are: Fishing, Reinforced Line.

Name Skill Affected Description Buff Gained From
Fishing (Enchantment) Fishing (Enchantment) Fishing Increases fishing catch rate by 10%. Honey
Fishing Magnetism Fishing Magnetism Fishing Increases bonus rarity by 4 and decreases bait and reel power by the same amount. Increases chance to find known rare nodes. Raw Magnetic Minnow
Reinforced Line Reinforced Line Fishing Increases reel power by 6. Raw Tigerfish
Pungent Bait Pungent Bait Fishing Increases bait power by 6. Seaweed
Oil Spill Oil Spill Fishing Adds 7.5% chance to try and extract fish oil from a fish based on the fish's size. There is a chance that fish oil may not be created if the fish is too small. Raw Slippery Eel
Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch Fishing Increases bonuses from bait by 10%, but decreases chance of bait preservation by 5%. Increases chance to find known rare resources. Raw Great White Shark
Gathering Gathering Mining, Foraging, and Fishing Gain a 20% chance to find an extra resource while gathering. Banana
Intuition Intuition Most activities Increases experience gained by 10% while doing most things. Sageberry


Be aware that affixes are permanent and cannot be changed once applied to an item. Look through the menus yourself or even hold off applying them to hard to acquire items until you understand what you want from them.

Fishing Gear: As of v0.20 the only affixes available for the fishing gear are combat related, not worth wasting the dust on especially when this may change in a future update.

  • Cape: Gathering shard chance - more shards = more augs = more stats
  • Necklace: Gathering Haste - 1-5% additive speed
  • Ring: All apart from Eagle are good options, up to the players priorities. I'd recommend the Tool multiplier and XP multiplier

Because of these affixes it would make sense to stack the haste affix on the necklace with the haste enchantment but as a prismatic ring gives you gathering stat buffs it could also be argued the other way around. And so the argument about haste on ring rages onward.

  • Pendant: Gathering Doubling - 1-3% chance to double gathered item
  • Boots and Gloves: combat affixes only, not relevant for fishing
  • Tacklebox: No bad choices, I'd recommend Speedster Fishing, Fishing Yield, and Fishing Node Size.

Speedster fishing gives you up to a 1% chance after a search action to set your gather speed to 0.1 seconds for that node, combined with larger nodes this synergises and results in more XP and items with the node size buff. This set up is only my opinion and is based around late game fishing, for earlier tackleboxes the "prepared" affix may be more beneficial than node size as this gives up to 5 bonus fishing levels to improve your fishing speed.


There are currently 6 talents available for fishing, these are only usable after maxing fishing and beyond. Not a lot to say about these other than if you want fishing to be your main skill then you should get at least everything other than Fantastic Fiber Finder to boost your stats.

Gathering Master - Your mastery of gathering gives you a chance to gather more resources!

Gathering Grandmaster - Your mastery of gathering gives you a chance to gather more resources!

Fishing Prodigy - You're a natural at fishing! Increases your fishing effective level by 10.

Shrimp Student - Deep study of the true rulers of the sea has given you an insight to the fickle nature of the waters. Increases your effective fishing level by 30 but decreases your mining and foraging levels by 10.

Fishing Grandmaster - You're the uncontested master of fishing. Increases your fishing effective level by 5%.

Fantastic Fiber Finder - Increases your Fiber Finder by 3.

Basic Guide

Here is a very basic outline on fishing to 99. Don't treat this as the best path. I maxed fishing so long ago but hopefully some of the below will be useful or changed by someone more knowledgeable.

Levels 1-9

Start off by doing the gathering tutorial quest if you haven't already. This gets you to level 3/4 as well as acquiring the most basic version of a tacklebox. If you want to save money, I'd say you can avoid buffs and enchants at this stage as long as you just have the tacklebox equipped. A good investment if you can equip them are the obsidian boots with the fishing enchant on them for a +12.5% chance of gathering fish.

Levels 10-29

At level 10, you can now equip the basic tacklebox, which is not an expensive craft, and the materials can be gathered fairly quickly if you want to do that yourself. 2 enchant slots mean you can get an additional +6 reel power, but bear in mind that this will soon be replaced by the next tier of tacklebox.

Levels 30-39

Advanced Tacklebox is available, starting to get expensive, but not excessively so. 3 Enchant slots start to be more worthwhile, but again, this will be replaced relatively quickly if you don't want to spend the money.

Levels 40-49

Pro tacklebox is available. This is where leveling starts to slow down. Costing mid-game materials, this is a little harder to craft. At this point, 4 enchant slots are available, and you will have the tacklebox long enough that I believe the enchants are worthwhile. Feel free to pick what you believe works best for your goals. My opinion is reeling if you care about XP and speed. 

Levels 50-59

The Supreme Tacklebox is available. expensive, 5 slots, good stats, etc. I would recommend crafting this tacklebox at this point. Although the legendary tacklebox unlock is coming up soon after you complete the fishing gear quest at level 60, by this point you will only have around 300-400 shards. The Ocean's Embrace is intended to be a late game tacklebox after all

Level 60

The quest for fishing gear is now unlocked. Activate this as soon as possible because 10,000 fishing actions are required to complete it. Afterwards, you should be able to complete the fishing set and even potentially aug it for +1 to all substats per aug. I would start to save up your shards at this point until you have 9000 so you can unlock and receive the legendary tacklebox. This can be unlocked as soon as you complete the fishing gear quest by clearing the gathering dungeon made from the key fragments that drop when cloth weaving 

Post Fisherman's set and Ocean's Embrace 

After this, it's basically up to you. Again, choose reeling if you want XP and speed or specialize in fibers or oil; the choice is yours. Around here, with the full set bonus, you may start benefiting from tentacle bait. Equip it and see what happens to your stats. 

Miscellaneous Tips

Fishing in stormy seas and constantly crafting tentacle bait is a great source of crafting XP

TL:DR give me the summary for maxing fast

Prioritize getting towards 100% fishing chance through gear, buffs, or enchantments. 

Use haste jewelry and cape (camo cloak in stormy seas).

Always use bait (except tentacle until late game).

Keep using the best tacklebox you can with reeling.

Fish in the highest zone you can, as long as failed attempts do not outweigh the XP gained.

Get the full fishing set as soon as possible by accepting its related quest at level 60 for a set bonus.