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Quest Log

Quests are small tutorials that explain mechanics. Most quests give a reward upon completion. Some Crafting recipes and mechanics, such as Affixes, are locked behind their tutorial quests.

Some quests can be accepted at any time, while others can only be accepted after completing certain other quests.

Quest List

Icon Title Contents Rewards Prerequisite Quests
Getting Started - Verify Email Verify the email linked to the Idlescape account N/A N/A
Who is that Guy? Use basic chat commands. N/A N/A
Climbing the Ranks Check the leaderboards. N/A N/A
Socializing Add a friend and block and unblock a player. N/A N/A
Le Toucan Has Arrived Donate to the shrine. N/A N/A
Gathering Tutorial Mine, Forage, and Fish 10 times in 3 areas. x1 Bronze Pickaxe, x1 Bronze Hatchet, x1 Novice Tacklebox, x16 Mysterious Seed, x1 Geode, x1 Bird's Nest, x1 Sunken Treasure, x100 Rune Slate N/A
Processing Tutorial Teaches the player how to Craft, Runecraft, Weave, and Smith. x1 Bronze Hoe, x1 Apprentice Runic Chisel, x1 Bronze Tongs, x32 Potato Seed, x64 Fertilizer, x100 Rune Slate, x32 Copper Ore, x32 Tin Ore, x100 Branch, x32 Log, x1,000 Heat N/A
Combat Tutorial Equip an item and start combat. 250 Attack and Defense experience N/A
Item Improvement Tutorial Teaches Scrollcrafting, Enchanting, and Augmenting x300 Enchanting XP, x3 Scroll, and x300 Silver N/A
Affixing Tutorial Apply Affixes and Salvage gear. x50,000 Runecrafting XP, x300 Basic Runic Dust, x150 Unusual Runic Dust, x3 Common Gear Scraps, x3 Uncommon Gear Scraps Item Improvement Tutorial
Talent Tutorial Teaches how to apply Talents. x1 Talent Respec Token N/A
Helping Hand Turn in a total of 100 materials between Log, Wildberry, Raw Anchovy, and Raw Beef. x1 Quest Point, x100 XP in all Gathering skills, x100 Attack, Defense, and Constitution XP, x100 Milk, Raw Beef, Potato, Carrot, Wheat, x16 Potato Seed, Carrot Seed, Wheat Seeds N/A
Caves and Caverns Collect a variety of materials and slay monsters. x1 Quest Point, x1,000 Mining, Foraging, Fishing, Constitution, Defense, Attack XP, x100 Log, Oak Log, Iron Ore, Tin Ore, Copper Ore, Watermelon, Onion Helping Hand Completion
City Services Turn in various materials and slay Guards. x1 Quest Point, x2,000 Mining, Foraging, Fishing, Smithing XP, x32 Apple Tree Seed, Willow Tree Seed, x100 Iron Bar, x1 Fur Trousers, Iron Chainmail, Iron Helm, x2 Satchel Caves and Caverns Completion
The Path to Enhancement Augment anything, success or failure, 30 times. N/A x1 Quest Points, Level 20 Enchanting
Crafting tools I Craft 20 Common-tier tools. x10000 Crafting XP, Novice Crafter Talent x1 Quest Points, Level 20 Crafting, Processing Tutorial Completion
City Secrets Turn in a total of 1,000 Fishing, Foraging, or Mining ingredients, and defeat Black Knights or turn in mithril bars a total of 500 times. x2 Quest Points, x2,500 Foraging, Fishing, Mining XP, x5,000 Smithing, Crafting, Defense XP, x64 Mysterious Seeds, x4 Satchels, x8 Obsidian Glass, x1 Obsidian Helm City Services completion
Secrets Unveiled Turn in a total of 1,500 iron bars or mithril bars, and defeat 1,000 Black Knights. x2 Quest Points, x15,000 Smithing and Attack XP, x6 Satchels, x24 Obsidian Glass, x1 Obsidian Chainmail, x1 Obsidian Greatsword City Secrets completion
The Fallen Academy Turn in ingredients from or perform 5,000 Mining, Foraging, or Fishing actions, defeat 1,000 monsters in Fallen Academy, and turn in 50,000 Essence. x2 Quest Points, x7,500 Mining, Foraging, and Fishing XP, x15,000 Runecrafting XP, x10,000 Constitution and Defense XP, x2 Unstable Talisman, x1 Water Talisman, x25,000 Air Essence, x25,000 Earth Essence, x25,000 Fire Essence, x25,000 Water Essence City Secrets completion
Realizing Your Enchanting Potential Augment anything, success or failure, 100 times. N/A x2 Quest Points, The Path to Enhancement, Level 40 Enchanting.
Crafting Tools II Craft a total of 20 Uncommon-tier combat equipment. x25,000 Crafting XP x2 Quest Points, Crafting Tools I, Level 40 Crafting
Mining Equipment Perform 10,000 Mining actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Mining XP, x1,000 Mining Shards Level 60 Mining
Foraging Equipment Perform 10,000 Foraging actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Foraging XP, x1,000 Foraging Shards Level 60 Foraging
Fishing Set Quest Perform 10,000 Fishing actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Fishing XP, x1,000 Fishing Shards Level 60 Fishing
Runecrafting Set Quest Perform 3,000 Runecrafting actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Runecrafting XP, x1,000 Runecrafting Shards Level 60 Runecrafting
Smithing Equipment Perform 3,000 Smithing actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Smithing XP, x1,000 Smithing Shards Level 60 Smithing
Cooking Set Quest Perform 3,000 Cooking actions. x1 Quest Point, x100,000 Cooking XP, x1,000 Cooking Shards Level 60 Cooking
Cave Cleanup Defeat 10 goblin elite enemies, clear Goblin Kitchen, and clear Goblin Settlement. x1 Quest Point, x10,000 Cooking XP, x1 Chef's Hat, x1 Lesser Ladle Caves and Caverns
First Place Farm Fiasco Deafeat 10 Farm elite enemies, clear Ot_to's Farm. x1 Quest Point, x10,000 Farming and Attack XP, x100 Choccy Milk, x1,000 Milk, x1,000 Raw Beef, x1,000 Raw Chicken, x1,000 Feathers Helping Hand
Militia Crossbowman Punishing the Punishers Defeat a total of 10 Imbued Black Knights or Black Knight Titans, clear Living Armory. x1 Quest Point, x10,000 Smithing and Attack xp, x128 Obsidian Glass, x6 Dark Key Pieces, x12 Satchels City Secrets
Purging the Cultists Defeat 10 Fallen Academy elite enemies, clear Fallen Wizard Tower. x1 Quest Point, x20,000 Magic and Attack XP, x1 Unknown Rune, x2,000 Rune Slate, x1 Cursed Spade Head, x12 Sunken Treasure City Services
Overseer Demon Runes of the Lava Maze Perform 2,500 Mining actions at Slate Spires, perform Foraging or Fishing actions or turn in Foraging or Fishing materials 5,000 times, defeat a total of 1,500 Lava Maze monsters, turn in 10,000 Runes. x3 Quest Points, x10,000 Mining, Fishing, Foraging, Constitution, Attack, and Defense xp, x20,000 Runecrafting xp, x2,500 Rune Slate, x100 Pumpkin Seeds, x15 Demonic Statues. Secrets Unveiled
Going Beyond the Academy Augment anything, success or failure, 500 times. N/A x3 Quest Points, Realizing Your Enchanting Potential, Level 55 Enchanting
Crafting Tools III Craft 10 Black Opal jewelry. x50,000 Crafting XP, access to Journeyman Crafter talent x3 Quest Points, Crafting Tools II, Level 60 Crafting
Overseer Demon Exorcising the Pits Defeat a total of 10 Overseer Demons or Vassal Demons, clear The Pit. x1 Quest Point, x30,000 Magic and Attack xp, x2,500 Ichor, x6 Molten Ashes, x6 Infernal Flames, x32 Mysterious Seeds. Runes of the Lava Maze
Unearthing Elder Knowledge Augment anything, success or failure, 1,000 times. x1 Quest Point x4 Quest Points, Going Beyond the Academy, Level 70 Enchanting
Crafting Tools IV Craft 20 Dungeon keys. x1 Quest Point, x75,000 Crafting XP, access to Master Crafter talent x4 Quest Points, Crafting Tools III, Level 80 Crafting
Unleashing Ancient Knowledge Augment anything, success or failure, 2,500 times. x1 Quest Point x5 Quest Points, Unearthing Elder Knowledge, Level 85 Enchanting
Crafting Tools V Craft 9 Legendary-tier pieces of equipment. x1 Quest Point, x150,000 Crafting XP, access to Grandmaster Crafter talent x5 Quest Points, Crafting Tools IV, Level 99 Crafting
Legendary Pickaxe Clear Dwarven Research Station or turn in 1 Dwarven Research Key, turn in 9,000 Mining Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Mining XP, x1 Dwarven Rocksmasher Mining Equipment
Legendary Hatchet Clear Nature Atheneum or turn in 1 Heart of the Oak,
turn in 9,000 Foraging Shards.
x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Foraging XP, x1 The Grovekeeper Foraging Equipment
Legendary Tacklebox Clear Abandoned Academy Base or turn in 1 Abandoned Academy Scroll, turn in 9,000 Fishing Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Fishing XP, x1 Ocean's Embrace Fishing Set Quest
Legendary Chisel Clear Abandoned Academy Base or turn in 1 Abandoned Academy Scroll, turn in 9,000 Runecrafting Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Runecrafting XP, x1 Ancient Runic Chisel Runecrafting Set Quest
Legendary Tongs Turn in 9,000 Smithing Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Smithing XP, x1 Dwarven Tongs Smithing Equipment
Legendary Ladle Turn in 9,000 Cooking Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Cooking XP, x1 Golden Spoon Cooking Set Quest
Legendary Hoe Clear Nature Atheneum or turn in 1 Heart of the Oak, turn in 24,000 Farming Shards. x1 Quest Point, x500,000 Farming XP, x1 Elvish Hoe Level 60 Farming